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    Connection, multichannel, dynamism, complexity
    are the daily challenge

    To catch and enhance the instant to create a dynamic multichannel brand experience.


We define multichannel business models and innovative ideas
based on the original approach called "Dynamic Personas®".

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We are

Personalive comes from long-lasting experience in multichannel marketing & business by its founders, who firstly caught dynamism permeating all the ecosystem, understanding the need to rethink all the strategic marketing approach.

Andrea Boaretto


Oscar Lambrughi


Francesca Travi


We do

We build relational assets.
We bring market intelligence inside your company to enable new multichannel and multidimensional marketing paradigms. We guide you in mastering the creation of Hyper Relevance for Dynamic Personas®.

The over the top services' atelier that, with an excellence touch, paints marketing strategy and changes business paradigms.